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The rubber tree damages the environment? PDF

Dear readers,

The subject of our letter may cause some strangeness, since the rubber tree is so far known as an extremely environment-friendly cultivation.

But everything is relative and our rubber tree would not be an exception.

In China, as published in an important Chinese newspaper – an available in our Clipping section -, the uncontrolled rubber tree cultivation in a specific region is causing serious

damages to the environment. These damages are derived from the pollution of water resources caused by pesticides, as well as from the simple exhaustion of water resources due to the trees’ consumption.

The fact is duly reported by Chinese media: the profitability of the natural rubber production in the last years is strongly stimulating the expansion of rubber tree areas in that country, leading to serious environmental unbalances.

We know that Asia, more specifically China, presents natural restrictions of this kind. And now the facts arise, ratifying the western impression.

We can observe, by the other side, that the rubber tree planted areas are migrating to countries little known in the Western, as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and others. But not only the trees migrate, the manufacturers also do, looking for cheaper raw material. In this newsletter, we have examples of this migratory phenomenon, with the large South-Korean tire company Kumho, which is installing plants in Vietnam.

Well, the world does not stop; the history does not stop.

The business goes to where they are more competitive. Each country, each region might explore its competitive advantages. And there is nothing similar to Brazil in terms of natural resources availability.

Here our rubber tree is environmental friend. In fact, just a few commercial cultivations keep a friendly relationship like this. And so we expect this to continue. The resources are enough.

Good week for all.

Augusto Hauber Gameiro
Coordinator of the Natural Rubber Agri-industrial Information System
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