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US$ 1,590/ha, repayable after harvesting at a 3.5% rate, and dual-purpose clones PDF

These are the conditions of a new financing program that the government of Malaysia has offered to companies that are interested in investing in dual-purpose (latex/timber) rubber plantations in the country. For sure this is the news we would like to report about the Brazilian government. But we still are far from this...

We could even think that this is a “poor country” policy, which can only explore natural resources because he lacks other priorities. But who recently visited Malaysia knows this is not true. Brazil fits Malaysia’s pocket when it comes to public and industrial policies in the last 20 years. No comparison.

The latest movements in Malaysia and other countries (Laos, Nigeria, Vietnam) towards the formation of rubber plantations to meet future demand are highlighted in this newsletter, as you can see in the Clippings section.

Domestically, the good news is that the Government of the State of Mato Grosso, the Bank of Brazil and Michelin signed, on June 28, a Protocol of Intention that aims to boost natural rubber production. According to the document, the Bank of Brazil would make available a R$ 30 million loan to mini, small and medium-sized rubber producers in Mato Grosso. The State Government would provide technical assistance and researches. Michelin, in its turn, would guarantee the product purchase at fixed prices in accordance to the Singapore Commodity Exchange, plus price equalization of imported rubber. Read more...

Regarding last week’s Focus on Rubber column (“Carbon credits increase the viability of rubber tree-cocoa consortium”), we would like to share with you the comments sent by our reader and colleague José Newton Xavier Ribeiro. He said that both cultures may host mutual pathogens, what would rise phytosanitary risks. It is a warning!

Finally, we would like to thank to more than 80 readears that answered our opinion survey, sent two weeks ago. We are going to kindly consider any message we have received. If you have not answered yet… we would appreciate to know your opinion. This is the only way we can improve our work.

Have a nice week.

Augusto Hauber Gameiro
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